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The film is an audiovisual medium. But there is a lot more to this term - namely magic!

This magic is in the script, the cast and the perfect interplay of the film crew, who understand their craft. It is exactly this magic that awakens the emotions of the audience, whether with the 10-second spot, the documentary or the elaborate feature film.

High quality movie productions for TV and cinemas 

Through close cooperation with the Styrian filmmakers, AVbaby media studios will expand its position in the area of TV and cinema productions in the near future.

Commercial productions with a creative spirit

Advertising films are rethought and skillfully produced at AVbaby media studios. From the product shoot to the image film - tailored to your needs, we help you to create the perfect advertising video.

Studio productions that take you wherever you want

Corporate television takes on a whole new dimension with us. Once the location is determined, we beam you from our Graz based AVbaby media studios into the stratosphere.

Our partners and clients

Ready for your own Video?

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