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Every film sound is created by sound design: the soundtrack of a film, is composed of elements such as dialogue, noises, ambient sounds or music. It has a communicative content and an emotional impact. Every sound has an effect on people, both by itself and in interaction with the visual design. And regardless of how consciously, intentionally, intuitively or accidentally it was created, in the end this effect alone counts. (Thomas Görne in his book: Sounddesign (2017))



our audio portfolio at a glance 


recording teamplayer on the film set

To make the production as authentic as possible, we use sophisticated sound management to fish all the relevant sound and voice recordings during the shoot.

the tone makes the difference


With the right sound design, the emotions of the viewer are amplified. Ambient noises are adjusted and reverberation rooms are realistically designed.

Audio Design

giving space to your voice


Our recording studio guarantees an optimal acoustic decoupling of the interior. This makes it possible to record your voice - and only your voice - pure.

language connects people

Through an optimal synchronization of picture and sound, the film can be turned into an experience in any language. We provide the necessary know-how and technology for this.

Dubbing/Re-recording (ADR)

Audio mix for TV, Cinema, Web, ...

it's all a question of balance


Here all recorded sound tracks (e.g. speaker, environment, music) are brought together and balanced in order to produce a coherent sound. Depending on the output format, the levels are adjusted so that the listening experience is brilliant.

creating sonorous brands


Jingles and individual tones, mixed well and used correctly, have been proven to make brands recognizable. We not only support you with the setting of your jingle, we also advise you on the best possible use.

Audio restoration

what does not fit is made to fit ;)


Incorrect recordings and noise are reduced or removed with this procedure. Costly re-recordings can be avoided and your budget can be spared.

making good things better

Together with the sound mixing, the mastering determines how good your film or clip sounds. Here the last cut is made and everything is prepared for the respective output format.

Mastering for 
video and music

The sound studio

Rent our recording studio: an acoustically optimized reference listening room "EBU Tech. 3276s1-2004"

The studio consists of a multi-walled room-in-room construction. This ensures optimal acoustic decoupling of the interior.


The room geometry and diffusion-permeable building materials also guarantee neutral room acoustics, which are recorded using an ADAM 5.1 Surround System.


The recording studio can also be rented!

AVbaby Tonstudio Totale
AVbaby Tonstudio

Book a sound engineer

Whether original recordings on the set, voice over recordings, sound design, mastering or mixing for TV, internet and cinema, we support you in making your film or music video a sound experience.


The prices are on an hourly basis, including studio rental and equipment rental. If material already exists, it will be viewed before the offer is made. The prices are calculated individually for your requirements.

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