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At AVbaby, we believe video has the power to humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and more. 

Our work starts with listening to you, discovering your vision, and engaging in processes that are focused, effective, and entertaining. There are no gaps, nothing is left out so you know all aspects of your video during the project journey.

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Our approach

First we talk ...

... because when talking, people approach each other!.

It is important to us to get to know you, your company and products! We talk to you about your target groups, goals, content and possible integration options into your existing company marketing mix.

Then we conceive ...

... and worked on the ideas:.

Based on our conversations, we create the script and storyboard for your film. We find the right locations and the perfect casting.

Now we go down to business ...

... and the shot is organized:

You get everything from a single source: 
Our production team consists of professionals who cover all areas (lighting, camera, sound, special effects, snack delivery, ...).

The finishing touch ...

... the post-production can begin:

During cutting and color grading, the most beautiful shots are put together, supplemented by 3D animations if necessary, and optimally implemented with a meaningful soundtrack.

The best is yet to come ...

... Cin, cin! Your video is ready!

We will send you your finished video. Even more we are looking forward to your visit in the studio to present you our result - your video in person! Here last details can still be coordinated.

Make many out of one ...

... the right format for every channel:

We'll be happy to help you get everything ready for video and really push your marketing strategy.

See mit Steg, Berge im Hintergrund


  • We rely on detailed consultations and detailed project planning.

  • We want to understand the product and your goals so that you can place the video as best as possible.

  • With us you can have a say at any time: We are open to your wishes from the first conversation to the finished video.

  • All services from a single source: camera, light, sound, editing and our studios can also be booked individually at any time.


Ready for your own video?

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