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AVbaby Tonstudio

Sound studio

Rent our recording studio: an acoustically optimized reference listening room

"EBU Tech. 3276s1-2004"

The studio consists of a multi-walled room-in-room construction. This ensures optimal acoustic decoupling of the interior.


The room geometry and diffusion-permeable building materials also guarantee neutral room acoustics, which are recorded using an ADAM 5.1 Surround System.


The technical systems and microphones are particularly well suited for audio mix and sound design (stereo and surround) as well as for ADR recordings and remastering. Bring your own DAW or use the existing one (Steinberg Nuendo 10, Reaper).

additional features

  • big table

  • fair-use printer

  • high-speed internet

  • coffee machine and small tea kitchen

  • meeting area

  • rest area

  • free parking spaces

AVbaby Tonstudio - Technische Universität Lehrveranstaltung
AVbaby Tonstudio Mikrofon

daily rate                                                          € 210,00

(8 hurs between 08:00 and 18:00 o'clock)  

training                                                           €   50,00


You are a sound technician with a trade license or do you want to start your own business soon?


Use our recording studio 24/7 for 35% of your sales.

Special deals for students are possible on request!

*all prices excl. VAT and incl. final cleaning, studio can only be booked with a one-off enrollment                                    

Prices studio rent*

daily rate                                                            € 210,00

(8 hours between 08:00 and 18:00 o'clock)


training session                                                 €  60,00


Book a Sound engineer

Whether original recordings on the set, voice over recordings, sound design, mastering or mixing for TV, internet and cinema, we support you in making your film or music video a sound experience.


AVbaby Filmstudio Green Screen Kalibrierung
AVbaby Filmstudio Equipment Miete


In addition to the film, photo and sound studios, we also offer high-end audio and video equipment for rent:

  • cameras and special optics

  • tripods and grips

  • camera crane, spider and gimbals

  • recorders and microphones

  • headlights

  • batteries and accumulators

  • adapters and converters

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